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Insurance DETAILS

Geographical Scope of Travel


Sum Insured

USD 25,000

Maximum Trip Duration

15 Days, 21 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days

Age Limit

1 - 65 Years

Policy features

Plan details

Sr. No.


Sum Insured



Medical Expenses + Medical Evacuation

USD 25,000

USD 500


Daily Allowance in case of hospitalization

USD 25 per day for max 5 days

2 Days


Delay of Checked In Baggage

USD 300

12 Hours


Total loss of checked-in baggage

USD 500



Loss of Passport

USD 200



Trip cancellation and Interruption

USD 750

USD 100


Trip Delay

USD 200

8 Hours


Emergency Hotel Extension

USD 300



Compassionate Visit

USD 1,000



Personal Liability

USD 5,000



Missed Flight Connection

USD 1,000



Personal Accident

USD 15,000



Repatriation of Remains

USD 5,000



10 Days

  • Premium (per person)

15 Days

  • Premium (per person)

21 Days

  • Premium (per person)

30 Days

  • Premium (per person)

60 Days

  • Premium (per person)
  1. The above rates apply to Indian nationals visiting the Annapurna, if you are a foreign national, please reach us through contact form to provide customized policy for you.
  2. The policy is valid only for the customers of ‘ASC360 a brand of Mission Outdoors’ who travel from India for Annapurna and expeditions of similar nature in Nepal and China.
  3. Policy will cover losses occurred during Trekking upto 6000 meters however Losses due to Mountaineering will not be covered.
  4. AMS is covered
  5. Individuals must be aged between 1 to 65 years and should hold a valid bank account in India
  6. Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.
  7. Delay/ Loss of checked in baggage would be only covered for airlines
  8. Note that this plan should not be sourced for expeditions which involves a vertical climb of more than 6000 meters
  9. Medical Evacuation includes Heli Evacuations

why ASC360?

ASC360 provides local rescue teams presence in Nepal
Evacuated 147 people, from emergency situations.
ASC360 has on Call medical advisory and evacuation assistance
Settled accidental & sickness claims and multiple death claims.
Established India’s first High Altitude Medical and Rescue center on Stok Kangri’s Base camp
Introduced Annual Adventure Insurance for the adventure professionals of the tour operators.
Insured 3260 trekkers on Chadar trek 2019, Treated 1367 patients and rescued 33 trekkers.
Provided Adventure cover to more than 125,000 adventure enthusiasts.
Insured 99% of all Indian expeditions above 6000 meters in 2018 and rescued 37 climbers in Nepal and China
Introduced Industry first products- Accidental adventure policy, GIP (Guide, Instructor & Porter Insurance) Theme Park Insurance and AMS+ (Acute Mountain Sickness).
Conceptualized and executed India’s biggest trekking summit with Ladakh District Administration by providing adventure insurance, medical and rescue facilities to trekkers and adventure staff.
  • Partnered with the specialized flying doctor unit for the medical crew for the air ambulances.
  • Partnered and Insured BSF, Indian Army, Indian Airforce, ONGC and other defense and IMF expeditions.
  • Partnered with International rescue companies for specialized Evacuation capabilities in extreme conditions.
  • Partnered with Indian chopper companies and medical and paramedics service providers who currently owns and operate the following aircraft:
    1. Falcon 2000
    2. Cessna Citation 560 XL
    3. King Air Beechcraft B 200
    4. Pilatus PC 12
    5. King Air C 90 A
  • Partner with 7 Indian and International Insurance companies.
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Emergency nos for urgent medical assistance


Yes this policy works on cashless basis for medical evacuation (via heli) and medical hospitalization.

There is a combined deductible or excess of $500 on medical evacuation and hospitalization for Annapurna trek policy. This means that if the bill for evacuation let’s assume is $5000 and hospitalization is $2000, then insurance company will pay directly $6500 to the hospital and helicopter company and you have to pay $500 only.

You have to pay these deductibles to the helicopter company directly either before the evacuation or post evacuation once you have landed in the hospital. Our Assistance team will be in touch with you all the time.

Yes, the medical evacuation includes the evacuation via Helicopter and road ambulance.

Yes, this policy covers the domestic and the international flight delays. In case the local flights in Nepal get delayed by more than 8 hrs, the policy will cover the cost of the food and accommodation upto the prescribed limit and coverage in the policy.

Yes, this policy covers all kind of Sickness and injuries but excludes any pre-existing diseases.

In case the insured trekker is seriously unwell or badly injured, then please call on the emergency numbers given on your medical rescue cards. Our expert assistance teams and the high altitude doctors will assess the situation and will launch the evacuation on their recommendation once we receive the approval from the claims team. A typical evacuation can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the situation and weather conditions.