Did you know that as an Indian you cannot get an insurance cover for an extreme sport or adventure activty? Why? It is because there wasn’t one!
Adventure Sports Cover (ASC360) has now got IRDAI approved policies to provide India’s first comprehensive sports & adventure cover and aim at making the outsoors a more secure place.
Our policies has been designed to cover 200+ sports and adventure activities across all fours categories- air, water, land and mountaineering. They are divided into five levels [level 1-5] based on the risk involved, for the clients, the operators and the insurance company & service providers. The policy is 100% customisable and can provide coverage up to 25 crores. This policy can cover individuals, groups as well as events. ASC 360 can be customised for short durations, as low as 1 day or can be extended up to 1 year, depending on the need & nature of an activity. This is a multi-activity policy and can be issued on the spot.

Snow mountain


To make our policies available to people from different financial & geographical backgrounds across all age groups in India.

To continue designing comprhensive policies that cover an insured person in every possible scenario arising due to an unfortunate Incident or a misadventure.

Encourage more and more people to explore their adventurous side.

To bring standardisation and professionalism among all facilitators and service providers in the adventure sector.

To build a conscious community of adventure enthusiatsts to support and prmote safer outdoor experiences for all age groups.



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