7 Child-Friendly Trekking Destination In India

As many appear to encounter, trekking is for grown-ups and the rough & tough ones. Indeed, trekking or even plain climbing in the midst of the sights and hints of nature is a unique energetic method for keeping your child intrigued by, and perhaps developing an adoration for their first-ever children’s trekking trip.

Finding a small waterfall or a strange bug would give an entirely different open door for your kid to encounter nature very close. It also offers parents the ideal opportunity to converse with them about our current circumstances and the need to clean the paths.

Let’s discover the top 7 Indian Journeys which are lovely and safe for our small children. The thought is to make your children draw nearer to nature and interface themselves with the excellence spread around, a long way from the hustle-clamor of our bustling lives.

  1. Ajoba, Maharashtra

If you are from Mumbai, this trekking trail would offer you and your child the ideal chance to get some sun away from the incensing city life. Settled in the beautiful Sahyadri range, Ajoba is one of the greatest pinnacles of the range. Enjoy the sights and hints of nature on your way up. If you are braver and your kids are also willing, go further up, to the top. However, avoid travelling in the dark as there are wild animals around.

2. Fort Tikona, Pune

Fort Tikona, Pune

This location, which determines its name for its three-sided shape, is a fantasy journeying objective for parents with young kids as the climb to the top is simple with stamped pathways. The spot is around 3,500 feet above ocean level, yet don’t get dismayed by the level. The pathway to the top is dotted with a considerable number of little temples and caves.

3. Kedarkantha, Uttarakhand Trek With Kids

The Kedarkantha journey is one of the most lovely trips with natural plant life spread quickly, it tends to be an incredible certainty boost for children due to its exhilarating culmination climb. It has been the go-to travel for beginners, children, and parents for quite a while. The short distances, wonderful camping areas, and the terrific culmination climb makes for an extraordinary trip for the children who love participating in sports.

4. Tadiandamol, Coorg, Karnataka

Tadiandamol, Coorg, Karnataka

If you don’t like steep hiking paths, go for this moderate trekking trip in Tadiandamol, Coorg. Spread across huge green terrains and various little streams, kids couldn’t want anything more than to explore the spot as the trip is a steady ascension and not steep. As you go up, you will be invited by tremendous meadows, you will also see a few cows and goats munching close on the Children’s treks.

5. Bhrigu Lake Trek With Kids

Kids are generally interested to find the entire world in somewhat of a moment, so we should acquaint them with this honest trailer about the Himalayas, where each scene is delightful and drawing in, Bhrigu Lake is a high elevation snow capped lake, which is only three days climb from Manali. The lofty path goes through virgin forests and lavish green glades which open into the delightful campground of Rola Khuli.

6. Deoriatal-Chandrashila


Even though it’s a six-day long trip, the Deoriatal-Chandrashila journey is among the main trips that you should take your child to. Not exclusively is the journey simple to finish and to the least extent liable to wear them out, it also offers an adequate number of chances for the children to glean some useful knowledge from nature. The entire season journey takes one through gorgeous thick woodlands that are loaded up with various types of birds, hence giving kids enough extension to collect data about both the floral and avifaunal species of the region.

7. Beas Kund Trek With Kids

Solang valley is known for its summer and winter sports activities. This is a significant fascination with kids setting themselves up for the journey. From Solang valley, we can go on a three-four days road trip to Beas Kund. The easy to slightly difficult path will take you to Beas Kund, a cold lake that is the source of the Bes Waterway. Stay the night in Solang prior to setting out on the journey.

Dos and Don’ts of Children’s Treks

  1. Do Carry extra food/ energy drinks for kids

They’re probably going to get drenched, tired and super hungry. When we talk about food, we aren’t asking you to carry a proper meal. But, something that your munchkin can munch on. Like protein bars, biscuits, etc.

  1. Do Carry Bug Spray

Up on the hills along with the cool breeze, there are also going to be flying, walking and crawling bugs. You may devour them all but your little ones may be left behind with red marks and itched skin. It’s better to get in hand a good bug spray so they can enjoy their trek.

  1. Do Carry Personal First Aid Kit

We’ve mentioned the bugs but what about the bruises they may encounter while walking up? Every fun trip includes a little bruise here and there, but being safe is the key to enjoyment.

  1. Do Resting Arrangements

Even though a kid is way too excited and energetic than us adults, after a long uphill walk, your kid may want to sit or rest their legs for some time. Carry a sheet or a mat so you can spread it on the ground. So they can even munch on their food.

  1. Don’t overload your kid’s bag

They’re going to be adamant about carrying their own bags, probably because of the excitement on their first Children’s trek trip. But, remember to not overload it as they’re going to have it on their back while trekking. It will cause them back pain and/or sprain.

  1. Don’t walk too far & too fast

This has to be a joyful trip, not a finish to the race. Remember, “Slow & Steady ALWAYS wins the race”.So take it slow and let your little one enjoy every part of nature.

  1. Don’t overfeed them during treks

Let them munch on a little and not overeat. They may feel nauseous or way too drowsy to finish the trek. Remember, snacks are to make them feel energetic, not lousy.

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