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Planning a trip very soon? That’s awesome! But, what about your safety in times of baggage loss? Flight Cancellations? The use of travel insurance is to provide utmost protection against unseen medical or even non-medical emergencies.

There are many others who may know about Travel Insurance but may not be aware of the different types of insurance. Let’s gaze and collect every piece of information related to Travel Insurance and its types and benefits.

A) What Is Travel Insurance?

Searching about Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance has widely been used in many countries but the need of having one in India wasn’t around until ASC360, being India’s first comprehensive sports & adventure cover provider, offered a plethora of Adventure Sports Covers. These different travel insurance has grown to be more and more important as customers look to book future trips.

What exactly is Travel Insurance?

Specific coverage for unexpected events during your trip can be purchased out-of-pocket via certain travel credit cards as a perk. These Travel Insurance provide financial protection at times of certain problems during your vacation or adventure trip. It covers a wide range of possibilities that vary from lost baggage to medical cost care if you get ill during your trip.

In order to build a conscious community of adventure enthusiasts to support and promote safer outdoor experiences for all age groups, ASC360 provides effective Types Of Travel Insurance. But, before we understand the services provided by ASC360 let’s understand the different types of Insurance provided in India.

B) What does travel insurance cover?

Solely depending on the type of coverage you pick, travel insurance can cover a wide cluster of potential injuries and accidents. Let’s check them out:

  1. Injury or sickness

There are many types of insurance in India, out of which Travel Insurance can help with protecting you from clinical costs abroad that your regular health care insurance doesn’t cover. Most healthcare insurance plans don’t give full inclusion in other countries and some health plans give no inclusion by any means, including Federal medical insurance. Travel Insurance works in comparison with your normal health care insurance and helps with enhancing clinical expenses if you become ill or harmed during your vacation.

  1. Last-minute cancellations

Travel Insurance helps with taking care of expenses coming from trip cancellations. Most hotels or journey lines won’t give you a full discount in case of a cancellation. If you drop fourteen days or more before your vacation, most hotels will basically charge an undoing expense; many trip lines could give you a 25% discount or will give you fractional credit on another trip. If you drop in no less than two weeks of an outing, with most organisations you won’t give any discount at all.

  1. Lost luggage

Another benefit of Travel Insurance Plans is that it helps with covering costs coming from lost or robbed baggage. This is particularly helpful if an aircraft loses its pack, as it tends to be truly challenging to convince them to pay for lost baggage. But, to get those maximum sums, travellers should give receipts showing the worth of the lost bags and their items. Furthermore, a few passengers expect the case to be documented in 21 days or less.

  1. Coverage beyond your credit card

If you are making your payments via credit card, then you’re going to have limited coverage, with yearly cutoff points and limitations for cancellations and interruptions. Nonetheless, few Visas offer inclusion for the most costly travel chances: clinical costs or crisis clearings, which travel insurance can easily cover.

C) What Are The Types of Travel Insurance Plans In India?

Types of travel insurance


This insurance policy is intended for customers proposing to go inside the forms of the country. A Domestic travel insurance plan protects the policyholder from costs that might result from a therapy of a health-related crisis, robbery/loss of stuff and different resources


This policy is planned with regard to what customers – travelling globally – would need. Other than the typical inclusion presented by its domestic counterpart, a worldwide travel insurance contract protects you (the policyholder) against the dangers of a flight hijack, bringing home to India, and so on.


The name is the marker here – with the approach explicitly intended to cover costs exuding from health-related crises and other medical services-related concerns. Nonetheless, the specific planning of incorporations and rejections will differ across protection suppliers.


Group travel insurance is of much assistance here – taking into account it can help you with saving a lot on charges, without thinking twice about the security net against any unforeseen and unfavourable improvement that could come to completion through the course of the trip.


Other than the typical benefits of buying travel insurance, a contract that is aimed at senior residents (for the most part having a place with the age gathering of 61-70 years) offers extra inclusion against dental medicines/methods as well as cashless hospitalisation.


As the name recommends, a single-outing travel insurance contract holds its legitimacy through the time you are out travelling. It covers both clinical as well as non-clinical costs (like baggage loss, delays in flights, etc.)


This type of travel insurance aims at providing security for people who plan for an adrenaline adventure sport. Adventure Sports Travel Insurance provides coverage against any type of financial loss incurred.

D) Get Yourself Covered With Adventure Sports Cover 360 Travel Insurance

Now making travelling so easy, fun and very safe with ASC360’s 100% customisable Travel Insurance Covers with unlimited benefits + security! The policy is designed explicitly and uniquely keeping in mind every customer’s need. It covers 200+ sports & adventure activities & covers all four categories air, water, mountaineering and allied sports.

Quick Facts About ASC360

  • Adventure Sports Cover (ASC360) is IRDAI approved, which simply means, complete approval on providing insurance coverage by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Ministry.
  • All the insurance policies are multi-activity policies and can be issued on the spot.
  • The insurance policies provide coverage up to 25 crores.

ASC360 covers the following types of travel insurance






We make it really easy for every individual to get every safety measure needed during their travel or adventure trip. We understand how important safety is, especially for children. ASC360 works with a mission of having every policy be available both financially & geographically across all age groups in India.

We Never Miss Out On Providing You With Safety For A Fun Trip! Travel Safe! Travel Along With ASC360’s Adventure Insurance

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