What Is Base Jumping Insurance? Why Is It Important?

base Jumping

If you partake in dangerous activities and adventure, then it’s advisable to start planning about getting yourself covered with the right insurance for your safety as well as your family setting up the cover. 

Most people around us aren’t even aware of Base Jumping Life Insurance, because of the fact that it is not yet out in the open. Base Jumping Life Insurance will protect you and your family from expected struggles or massacres. So, before we talk about the importance of having insurance and the risk Involved In Base Jumping, let’s check more about What Is Base Jumping.

What Is Base Jumping?

This type of sport is yet unclear in the minds of every individual. A lively sport where an individual takes a huge and deep dive jump from a height. It may seem similar to skydiving but it’s Not.  

It includes tandem base jumps or even solo wingsuit jumps where a person wears a wingsuit rather than a parachute when they jump, and the flying gives you a thrilling experience as you face the cliff. Unlike skydiving, base jumping occurs close to the ground and in closeness to structures. This lets athletes and adventurers less time to react or equipment failure, with far less chance of recovery from a bad jump. This may also result in serious injury.

Risk Involved In Base Jumping

Base Jumping is an outrageous sport, not only because it includes quickly dropping from high places yet also because of its innate risks. The risk of injury (or more regrettably) is certifiable and fluctuated. Here are only a few:

  • Tumbling from a high spot can bring about serious injury.
  • Not having the right equipment can lead to disaster.
  • Unfortunate weather patterns can make landing securely impossible.
  • Jumping from the wrong areas can also lead to disaster.
  • There’s dependably a possibility of hitting something on the way down and getting injured.

Importance of Insurance In Base Jumping Injury

Are you a base jumper and need life insurance coverage? Or maybe till this article you weren’t aware. We, at ASC360, can surely help. The main question is, can you easily get covered as a base jumper?

Absolutely, Yes!

As we all are aware, the reason that individuals partake in any adrenaline sports is to feel the excitement of being exposed to thrilling sports experiences. So Adventure Insurance providers comprehend that there is plainly risk implied with these kinds of activities which is the reason Base Jumping Insurance is indistinguishably more important than any other insurance policies or plans. You should be well aware that there are additional contrasts between insurance providers as far as how they view or guarantee these kinds of sports which imply that your application for Base Jumping life insurance will be dealt with distinctively relying upon which insurance company you approach.

A few of the risks connecting with Base Jumping are:

  • Heights
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Unfavorable weather conditions
  • Risk of passing out

Benefits of Buying Base Jumping Insurance from ASC360

Base jumping is undoubtedly a tough risk for insurance companies to cover, but we understand the thrill and adventurous side. We made it easier for every adventure lover to plan, book, and enjoy their adventurous trips with ease and comfort. A few of the benefits of choosing ASC360’s Base Jumping Insurance are:

  • ASC360 has now got IRDAI-approved policies, which makes us India’s first Adventure Sports Cover provider. 
  • We offer you a comprehensive policy that covers you 360 degrees from every possibility of an incident.
  • Our policy is valid worldwide with an exception of Air Ambulance cover. 
  • The ASC 360 policy is valid for 1 Day to 1 year as per your requirement and need.

What do we as an Adventure Travel Insurance Company Cover For You?

ASC360 is an adventure travel insurance provider in India & across the world, being the best and first comprehensive sports & adventure cover and aiming at making the outdoors a more secure place. Our insurance plans can also be highly customisable. You can get covered for short durations, as low as 1 day or it can be extended up to 1 year. We cover a range of age groups, starting from a 3-month-old baby to 70-year-old enthusiasts.

What Goes Around Our Customisable Insurance Plans?

We’re taking the entire adventurous journey a little ahead. You can undoubtedly customise a plan that suits your needs and requirements. Choose from our various ASC 360 covers and add extra benefits to the minimum sum insured pre-selected for each level. 


Every kind of base jumping sports life insurance plan is there to fulfil every need or requirement in terms of making sure you and your family will be financially and physically secure. Also, to remind you. If you’re unaware of these plans or their importance, or even after reading this blog you’re confused. Our team of experts are around to help you with the best information. We’re just a call away!

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