ASC 360 covers more than 200 pus Sports and adventure activities under all four categories, Air, Land, water & Mountain –ice. Though it is an ongoing list and if you don't find your activity under that lists, just drop us an email and we will cover you for the same. You can check the complete list of activities here

These Policies are available for age group for 18 to 70 years who are permanent citizens of India or NRI – Non-residents Indians with valid OCI (overseas Citizen of India) cards.

Children below the age of 18 years of age now can also get ASC 360 policy while taking part in Sports and Adventure Sports Activities.

Cover is available to people aged 70 years or under. If you are aged over 70 please contact us on our phone lines or email address.

Adventures Sports Cover is underwritten by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited.

This policy is valid worldwide with an exception of Air Ambulance cover. Air Ambulance cover is only valid in India but you can buy our Platinum Supreme international travel insurance to make air ambulance cover valid world wide.

The ASC 360cover plan will allow you to claim against the plan for specific covered reasons and accidents, subject to all terms and conditions of the plan. We cover the “financial Loses”in case of an accident and we are not the Service providers.

Please read the Policy Wordings pdf for details of the cover.

Any Hospitalization for Accidental Injury aggravated by an existing disability or pre-existing illness / condition / injury is EXCLUDED. Adventures Sports Cover contains general exclusions relating to your health and to that of other insured persons on the policy. Please refer to Policy Wording pdf for complete details.

The ASC 360 policy is valid for 1 Day to 1 year as per your requirement and need.

If you are planning to take part in multiple Adventures, outdoor and sporting activities in a year, Annual-Multi activity, a multi trip policy is the most cost effective. It's a must for fitness enthusiast who regularly trains, takes part in multiple completions, rallies, races and also goes on in big event or expedition once a year.

For a single premium you will be covered for any number of sporting and adventure activities throughout the year.

This policy is a worldwide policy and is valid in India and worldwide with an exception of Air Ambulance cover, Accidental hospitalization, Road Ambulance, Hospital cash, Loss of Income due to Disability which is only valid in India. For activating these cover outside India, one have to buy our Platinum Supreme International travel insurance to activate the covers internationally.

Yes Call: BSNL: 1800- 209- 5858 TATA: 1800- 22- 5858 BHARTI: 1800- 102- 5858 OTHER: 020-30305858, Health toll free number: 1800-103-2529

GPGP doesn’t cover medical emergency expenses abroad. For activating these cover outside India, one have to buy our Platinum Supreme International travel insurance to activate the covers internationally.

Please find Full details of what you need to do to make a claim click here or refer to the policy document.

You can choose to pay for your policy by Cheque, DD, Wire transfer or via online Payment.

Your insurance documents will be sent via email and hard copy via courier.

That is completely your choice. We do recommend thatyou should have policy number handy in case of an emergency.

Yes you can cancel your insurance if no claim has been made. For more details refer to our cancellation page.

We shall refund premium on short term rates for the unexpired policy period as per the rate mentioned on our cancellation page.

Yes, you need to purchase the international Travel Insurance when traveling abroad along with all ASC360 policies to make it effective overseas.

10% discounts shall be offered if 2 or more dependent family members are covered under a single policy. The Family discount will be offered for both new policies as well as for renewsx policies.


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Our core business is non-life insurance in India.
The information provider's or his/her family members' Personal information [hereinafter referred to as "provider's Personal information"]are confidential matters and Adventure Sports Cover [hereinafter referred to as "ASC360"] recognises the same. ASC360 is committed to keeping the information provider's Personal information confidential and secure and the provider of information is protected, not only by the applicable privacy laws, but, more importantly, by ASC360's commitment to safeguard privacy of Personal information.

The information provider can surf all ASC360 web-sites [which are available to public] anonymously. When the information provider surfsASC360'swebsite or provider's Personal information is collected through any other mode/source viz. proposal forms/ Renewal notices, non-disclosure agreement, emails, or through call center, or any other modes of communication whether at the time of leads, or in the process of solicitation or procurement, or while servicing the customers or when claims communications are being made by customers, at any time, we will be collecting, processing and using the provider's Personal information or sensitive personal data/information of the provider. The information provider is requested to kindly note that, while surfing/accessing ASC360 web-sites or the information provided through any of the above given modes, for whatever purpose, when personal information/data and or sensitive personal data/information is provided by the information provider it is sufficient authorization and or deemed authorization to ASC360 to call back the information provider or store and use the personal information/data and or sensitive personal data/information of the information provider or any family members of information provider for the purpose of solicitation and procurement of business by ASC360. In this regard the information provider or his/her family members will not be informed separately and surfing our orproviding the Information, Personal information or sensitive personal data/information of the information provider or any family members of information provider by any of the above means shall be sufficient consent given by information provider or his/her family members that such provider's Personal information/sensitive personal information of information of provider or any family members of information provider may be used by ASC360 for sending/calling for any promotional purposes, for marketing of any products of ASC360, for lead generation, cross-sell, soliciting and procuring any business for ASC360 without any limitation of whatsoever and you hereby give your irrevocable consent for the same and in this regard you shall not hold ASC360 liable for use the information/personal data/sensitive personal data.We store all the Personal information and or sensitive personal data/information in our servers/servers of service providers with all safeguards and such preserving of Personal information or sensitive personal data/information shall be for such period as per policy of ASC360.

Notwithstanding telephone/mobile of the information provider is registration with NDNC and or notwithstanding the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India [TRAI] restrictions/guidelines on unsolicited tele calls, by the information provider's accessing ASC360 web-sites [which are available to public] and surfing/leaving the site half way enquiring/verify ASC360's products/services and or the information provider making a request to call him back, or by information provider providing the information of himself and his/her family members under any of the modes mentioned hereinabove, it is deemed that the information provider has expressly authorized ASC360 and or the information provider hereby authorize ASC360 to call him/her back or send text messages or emails to the information provider for sending promotional messages/emails/information or for solicitation and procurement of various insurance products, or for cross sell, and for services of ASC360 and also for service calls. In this regard notwithstanding the registration/non-registration under NDNC, the information provider or any family members of him/her shall not have any complaint or objections of whatsoever nor complain to TRAI as to any alleged unsolicited calls by ASC360 to the information provider or any family members of him/her.

In some cases, we may share the information provider's Personal information and or sensitive personal data/information with our employees, licensed agents, telemarketers, legal advisers, consultants, Service Providers, auditors etc. In such cases the provider of information is deemed to have permitted ASC360 to so disclose and use the same for their requirements and or for the purpose of their acting on our behalf and or for their offering their Services/products on our behalf. If sensitive personal data/information is collected by us on ASC360's web-sites or by any other modes mentioned hereinabove by authorized person/s on behalf of ASC360 only in cases where it is required and considered necessary for offering the respective products/services of ASC360 and subject to what is stated elsewhere in this privacy policy, we will use sensitive personal data/information only for offering the ASC360's products/services. Further, any Personal

information or sensitive personal data/information may be disclosed, without consent of provider of information, to government authorities, courts, statutory authorities, financial institutions/credit bureaus/agencies/participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network as may be required by law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management and or as per provisions of laws, or to any third parties as per directions received under laws, as the case may be.

We respect the information provider's privacy rights, particularly the information provider's right to access his/her information. If the information provider asks us, and to the extent provided by Indian law, we will share with the information provider the personal information we collect/collected and retained about the information provider through our web-sites. We will keep the information provider's data accurate but for any mistakes we shall not be liable or responsible provided alwaysASC360 shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by the provider of information to ASC360 or to any other person acting on behalf of ASC360.

ASC360 will take and implement the reasonable security practices, procedures and standards as per Policy of ASC360, which will be as required and or not less than the applicable laws.