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Ultimate safeguard in adventure pursuits.

What ASC360 Do

Trust ASC 360 for comprehensive outdoor safety and bespoke adventure coverage. Championing local rescue training

Adventure Covers

Dive into thrill with ASC360's coverage, ensuring safety and instant professional aid

Medical Evacuation

Trust our land and air evacuation for remote to top-tier medical transport.

Wilderness Medicine

Rely on elite rescue squads, training for toughest terrains, ensuring rapid response and adventure safety

Search & Rescue

Venture into the unknown with our rescue package, providing unparalleled medical expertise miles away.

Why ASC360

Enjoy the excitement, secured by top-tier protection

Adventure Cover

Adventure Cover

Comprehensive Adventure Plan

Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation

Air & Land Evacuation

Deployable Medical Team

Deployable Medical Team

Comprehensive Adventure Plan

Mountain Medical Clinic

Mountain Medical Clinic

Free Consultation & Treatment

24*7 On-Call Advisory

24*7 On-Call Advisory

On-Call doctor Advisory

Priority Settlement

Priority Settlement

Priority Assistance Services

Cover 35+ Nationalities

Cover 35+ Nationalities

Emergency Response Center

Ground Rescue Team

Ground Rescue Team

Local Rescue Team

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Ultimate safeguard in adventure pursuits.

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ASC360 Cashless Air Evacuation


Air Evacuation

ASC360 Wilderness Medicine


Wilderness Medicine

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ASC360 Settled Amount

$ 2000000+

Settled Amount

How it's work

Covering 550+ activities in air, water, mountaineering, and allied sports

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Trusted by partners for secure adventure

We are trusted & relied upon by countless enthusiasts, our impeccable track record positions us as the preferred choice for unparalleled outdoor safety and assurance

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A collaboration where the thrill of adventure is seamlessly intertwined with unmatched safety measures and professionalism. Elevate your brand with the ASC 360 seal of trust and distinction.

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About Us

Secure your adventure. explore with assurance

ASC360, your adventure safety partner, safeguards every unpredictable moment, ensuring worry-free experiences in every escapade.

  • Medical Evacuation : Rapid, efficient medical evacuations, connecting you to top-tier medical facilities and providing protection.
  • Search & Rescue : Skilled teams equipped with modern technology, ensuring prompt recovery in providing adventure safety.
  • Adventure Cover : Comprehensive protection across terrains and waters, enhancing your exploration freedom during your expeditions.
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