Our Story

ASC 360: Unmatched adventure safety. Explore the wild with confidence, as we've planned for every possibility

At ASC 360, we redefine adventure with unparalleled adventure safety measures. Venture into the wild, knowing we've mapped every possible eventuality for your journey. Our Indian-rooted, globally expanding platform offers a comprehensive range of safety solutions, tailored specifically for intrepid spirits like you. We see you not just as a client, but as part of our close-knit community. Our robust search and rescue infrastructure across air, land, and foot ensures that risk remains a thrill, not a threat. We cover the full spectrum: from immediate medical rescue attention to post-care services, ensuring no adventurer is left unsupported. Dive into new experiences with the confidence of ASC360's protection services in India. "Embrace adventure, embrace ASC360."


  1. 2007-2009

    The inception and development phase of ASC 360 begin, transforming a budding idea into a structured blueprint

  2. 2016-2017

    ASC 360 is officially founded post-IRDAI approval, launching its pioneering protection plan and covering the initial 1,000 adventurers

  3. 2018-2019

    An extension in services to include Search & Rescue is witnessed. High-altitude medical rescue centers are established in Stok Kangri and Chadar. The company extends protection to 50,000 adventurers, inaugurates a Mumbai office, and collaborates with a foreign safety partner

  4. 2020-2021

    Introduction of the comprehensive 6000mt policy featuring COVID-19-related claim coverage, leading to a monumental mark of insuring over 200,000 adventurers globally and achieving the 300th successful evacuation. This period also sees the company spreading its wings with a new office in Manali

  5. 2022-2023

    Rapid expansion and recognition continue as over 350,000 adventurers worldwide get insured, with the accomplishment of the 450th successful evacuation. The brand solidifies its presence with offices in Srinagar, Ladakh, and an international branch in Nepal, alongside a partnership with a Nepali insurance firm. Media recognition further cements its reputation

Where we aim to be in future

ASC 360: Global adventure safety and rescue. Our vision transcends borders, ensuring paramount protection and assistance worldwide

At ASC 360, our foresight goes beyond borders, aiming to position ourselves as the paramount of adventure safety cover and rescue on a global scale. Our vision encompasses

Safety Standard: Every step taken into the wild should be anchored in trust and assurance, with ASC 360 as the gold standard for adventure safety

Local Empowerment: Harnessing the potential of local communities, we are committed to their evolution into world-class rescue teams through rigorous training and top-tier equipment

Innovative Support: With innovation at our core, we continuously strive to perfect our communication and tracking mechanisms, ensuring timely and effective support, no matter where the adventure leads

Limitless Exploration: We believe in limitless exploration. Our vision is to facilitate journeys that are fearless, fueled by the knowledge that ASC 360 is their steadfast protector

Lifesaving Legacy: Aiming for the world top rescue system, ASC 360 ensures every adventurers safety, whether by air, road, or foot

our Reason for Being

At ASC 360, we proudly stand as India foremost authority in adventure sports assistance, offering unmatched rescue medical evacuation, and wilderness medicine services. As trailblazers in this realm, our mission encapsulates

Safety-Centric Approach: Relentlessly championing safety, we standardize professionalism in adventure, ensuring every action upholds human dignity

Empowering Adventures: Crafting a robust adventure ecosystem, ASC 360 ensures unmatched safety, letting your adventurous spirit explore freely and confidently

Community Building: We cultivate enduring bonds with patrons, fostering a community that champions safe, exhilarating adventures for enthusiasts of all ages

Local Empowerment: Empowering local communities through training enhances client confidence, allowing industry stakeholders to join us, and solidifying their trusted status in adventure realms.

Making The Outdoors Safe & Secure

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